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Careers & University Programme

Caterham School Virtual pupils are academically ambitious and are aiming for leading UK and global universities. Supporting our pupils through their university research, their application and into their chosen field is a core part of Caterham School Virtual. Not only do we support our young people’s academic university ambitions, but our established network enables us to support cultural and social networking as our pupils prepare for the next step in their lives.

Pupils can access our specialised Oxbridge Preparation programme with expert support for and knowledge of the application and interview process for world-renowned universities. The link with the wider Caterham School family ensures a wealth of knowledge and proven expertise in supporting young people to secure their chosen next step.

Careers Guidance

Caterham School Virtual pupils benefit from a broad range of support which allows them to research and develop their career aspirations and enables them to make fully informed choices about their future.

Whilst the majority of pupils will continue their education beyond Caterham School at some of the top universities, both in the UK and globally, we also encourage and support pupils who are looking at opportunities such as degree apprenticeships, school leaver schemes and gap years.

“There’s a huge pool of knowledge that you can draw from here when you’re applying to Oxbridge. Teachers who not only guide you through the process but also actually know the individual colleges within the universities from first-hand experience.”

Pupil, Caterham School