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TEDx at Caterham School

Caterham School holds an biennial TEDx Youth event in which all Caterham School Virtual pupils are invited to take part. The next TEDx Youth event is due to take place in Summer 2022.

A TEDxYouth event is a fully-loaded TEDx event, but has young people at its core. The speakers are talking to young people and have them in mind when shaping their own talks. For our own event, all of our speakers are also young people, talking directly to those that they know and understand. They are sharing their thoughts, wisdom and experiences of the world, using the TEDx format to engage with a wide and diverse audience across our own community and beyond.

Caterham’s first TEDx Youth event took place in May 2021 and took the theme Identity & Innovation. In an increasingly fast-moving, ever-changing world, young people are often at the forefront of learning about and adopting innovation. Increasingly they are also responsible for the creation of innovations across the world, both directly, by immersing themselves in new ideas, or by using their own influence and ideas to encourage others to adapt and adopt change.

EDGE Curriculum

Our unique EDGE curriculum supports pupils to be ready for their world beyond education.