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Innovation at Caterham School

Caterham School has been recognised as a leading global school for its innovation with both technology and curriculum design.

Innovation at Caterham School goes well beyond pupils’ digital skills and use of technology. Innovation is about developing new ideas that are meaningful and have a positive impact. We aim to be innovative in the way we deliver our teaching and learning, but also to instill an ethos of innovation within our own pupils.

Ensuring that our pupils have the skills and knowledge to thrive in a fast-changing world alongside top academic grades is one of our core priorities.

EDGE Curriculum

The EDGE curriculum, which stands for Explore, Develop, Grow, Evolve, is built upon three central elements: Learning to Learn, Big Ideas and Practical Problem-Solving. Each year group will experience these elements in different and challenging ways, whether that’s through the Theory of Knowledge and Critical Thinking (Learning to Learn), the environment and communication (Big Ideas) or the School in a Box and Circular Economy projects (Practical Problem-Solving), the Edge curriculum builds up a wealth of ideas, knowledge and skills which our pupils can put into action in lessons, in their day-to-day lives and to inspire them to face challenges and problems with the tools to overcome, redesign and rethink any problem they choose to tackle.